Immersive Artistry was established to disrupt location-based entertainment by creating, building, and operating experiential destinations that transport guests on journeys that deliver unforgettable experiences that touch, amaze, and most importantly, transcend cultures and generations.

Our ideology is centered on theme-based attractions where patrons engage in enthralling, spiritual, and educational experiences that are visually unique and completely interactive for all who enter. Their involvement will be more than observing a story or walking through an exhibit, it will prompt the patron to become an active participant in the storytelling.


That interactivity could come in the form of many types of information, educational facts, and storylines with hands-on experiments. In each instance, we build our rooms (scenes) to provide for the needs of larger groups so that no one will be left without various choices of engaging in the collective experiences at any given moment.

521 Venezia Avenue

Venice, CA 90291



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